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Upcoming Events 

Ashtanga Yoga, Nadis and the Nervous System - Workshop with Eddie Stern. We are happy to announce that Eddie Stern will be giving a four day intensive workshop in Freiburg in 1-4 December this year. Don't miss this opportunity! For further information and registration click here.

Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache will be back in Freiburg for another workshop from 29 September - 3 October 2016. More information now online on Workshops.

The next "Introduction to the Basics of the Ashtanga Yoga Method" will take place on 4 June from 4-6 pm. For further information and registration click here.

The next Led Class in the Original Count will take place on the first Sunday in September from 8-10 am. See you on the mat!






In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga method practitioners are supposed to take a rest on full and new moon days due to the higher risk of injury on such days . This is why the Ashtanga yoga shala will stay closed for mysore stlye classes on the following days: 

Moondays 2016

Sunday, 10 January new moon

Sunday, 24 January full moon

Monday, 8 February new moon

Monday, 22 February full moon

Wednesday, 9 March new moon

Wednesday, 23 March full moon

Thursday, 7 April new moon

Friday, 22 April full moon

Friday, 6 May new moon

Saturday, 21 May full moon

Sunday, 5 June new moon 

Montag, 20. Juni Vollmond

Monday, 4 July new moon

Wednesday, 20 July full moon

Tuesday, 2 August new moon

Thursday, 18 August full moon

Thursday, 1 September new moon

Friday, 16 September full moon

Saturday, 1 October new moon

Sunday, 16 October full moon

Sunday, 30 October new moon

Monday, 14 November full moon

Tuesday, 29 November new moon

Wednesday, 14 December full moon

Thursday, 29 December new moon